Zoos and Aquariums that you can visit in Valencia


Valencia also has an important zoos and aquariums where it´s possible to pass a different afternoon with the kids. If you are nature lover or animal lover, be sure to visit these three places:


Acuarios y Zoológicos Valencia

Bioparc: This Valencia Zoo it’s dedicated to African fauna, emulates perfectly Madagascar ecosystems and of another sites. In its 100,000 square meters of extension it’s possible to find around of 200 animals from different species among which it is necessary to name: giraffes, red buffalos, spotted necked otters, common flamingos, ghost poison frogs, leopards, foxes, leopard tortoise, spotted hyena, among others.




The zoo it’s open 365 days a year, from this form, visitants can enjoy mammals and bird’s exhibition that usually performed on Monday to Friday before to noon. Also is allowed feed the different species, on this process always you will have with trained tour guides to give the assistance you need at all times.



Some of the shows that it can enjoy are fly of raptor birds, Rapustre talk or safaris to same that conversations in Alvario. Also Terra Natura has been assured to foment conservation to species in danger of extinction through of different programs implemented around the world.



Oceanographic: At Museum of Arts and Sciences are Oceanographic, one of the most important aquariums of Valencia and old continent. Here it recreates all marine ecosystems of the planet as it the case of Temperate Seas, Mediterranean, all oceans, wetlands, Red Sea, Islands, Arctic and even the Antarctic.




Behind of activities that it offers to public are permanent expositions of jellyfish, 4D experiences with sharks and even sleep with them. In addition to the presents can participate in the practices to marine turtles conservation and the possibility of share with marine lions, belugas and more marine species with all security measures.




Remember that you can get to everything of this sites with Taxi2Spain and 7Transfers in the moment that you require it. Also its important use face mask, antibacterial gel and comply with everything of biosecurity measures to avoid infections by Covid-19.