Stay in contact with nature at Zoo and Barcelona Aquarium! 

Fauna and nature lovers have opportunity to pass different time at aquarium and zoo from Barcelona, here there are a lot of animals that it’s possible to visit in any time of the year. With Taxi2Spain and 7Transfers, always you will go to this two places:  

Aquarium of Barcelona: it’s in Moll d’Espanya del Port Vell, it’s educative and recreative center most visited at the old continent. It installations has with the  most recent technology  

It was inaugured september 8th of 1995, it has 21 big aquariums where life around 11.000 marine animals that belong to 450 different species. Of the same form, there is submarine tunnel of 80 metters with capacity of six millions of liters from water.   

14 mediterranan aquariums are recreated with the same ecosystem from spanish islands: with the same rocks, vegetation, algae, sandy spaces, anfractuosities and more with objective for persons observe the true biosphere of spaces such as Medas Island or Ebo Delta.  

In addition, seven aquariums are full os napoleon fishes, orange-shouldered surgeon and yellow-headed butterfly. Also of black and white tip sharks surrounded of coral reefs and colorful vegetation. 

Also in the second floor it’s possible find Planet Acqua, where it life marine species own of ecosystems with climatic conditions extreme such as immense depth where life whales, inclement heat for piranhas or tourtles, cold for Humboldt penguins and darkness to jellyfishs.  

In the year, come here around of 1.500.000 visitants, number that convert this aquarium in the fourth site most visited of Barcelona.       

Barcelona Zoo: It’s at the Ciutadella park, Zoo park of Barcelona has the most important animal species of Europe from it opening in 1892. Currently, there are more of 2.000 animals of 300 different species, being the lion, Rothschild Jiraffe, Western lowland gorilla, hippopotamus, blue macaw, gazelles dorcas saharinas, Iberian wolves, Humboldt Penguins the most featured. 

In addition to, it can observe around of 1.300 plants of 320 species from trees, plants or palms such as: ginko, cicas, podocarpus, ombú, white mulberry, common mimosa, olive tree, dragon tree, excelsa palm, ash, privet, among others.

From the same form, in this zoo are dedicated to conservation for those species in extintion danger and education to general public with respect to this fauna.  

¿What to do in this places?

In the Barcelona zoo and Aquatium from the same city, it’s possible count on Guided visits service, where could make a exhaustive tour in all spaces to have the posibility to learn about different species, food them or live together with.    

Specifically at Barcelona Aquarium, childrens could go to ¡Explora! A place where it’s possible touch, study, to admire and listen the sounds for marine nature. 

Also, they can sleep with sharks, an activity that consists in pass one complete night at the Aquarium seeing how life this animals. 

Adults greater 18 years will can diving at the aquariums with objective stay in contact and learn of wonderful marine fauna. 

For it part, the zoo it allows kids pass christmas vacations or easter week to know and love to each of animals in all this habitats. 

In any two sites you will have an unforgettable experience that you don’t can stop living with your loved ones. Remember buy your entry ticket in advance to avoid setbacks.