You still don’t know Seville? Start with this three places!

Seville is another of the most beautiful and populated city in Spain, it’s an icon of history and culture that you can know by a lot of monuments. You should consider that it’s a big city, it can’t traverse in one day, for this motive in this article we presented you three places where you can start:   


Spain Square: known for be one of the most important squares from the Iberian country, this square was constructed in 1929 and designed by architect Anibal González who searched make a tribute with this construction site, each one of the tiled benches is represented the 49 provinces. Generally, the tourists usually photographed next to their origin province.  



 Spain square has 170 meters of long and surface of 50.000 square meters also it has a channel with more of 500 meters of long that you can travel in boat. It beauty has been inspiration to some cinema directors, becoming location to important classics as the second episode of Star Wars or Lawrence of Arabia.


Some users of Trip Advisor have defined it as one of the more spectacular monuments of Europe and the world.


Catedral of Seville: the imponent architecture and beauty from this spece marvel to the people. within the installations can find gotic vaults, different chappels, Columbian library and bell tower. In each on of this places hide fascinating artworks as pictures, sculptures or windows in its great majority of the gothic style, some of this are created by Murillo, Zurbarán and other authors.   



It’s one of mayor catholic temples in the world that you can visit after request a guided visit. When you finish the route, do not hesitate of visit the Courtyard of the Orange trees, a place where you also will know important aspects of the history.


Maria Luisa Park:  inaugurated in 1914, it’s one of the most important parks of the city,  this became part of the private gardens of San Telmo Palace. It’s one of the most representative lungs in Seville.  


Within this park it can see different sceneries as for example Mont Gurugú, source of lions, the lotus and duck ponds or the frog ponds. Here you can see roundabouts of different people distributed in the gardens of the park. At this spaces, you will can see a lot of pigeons fluttering all the day.   


Remember that Taxi2Spain and 7Transfers will take you to any of this places whenever you want. Any of this spaces is suitable to enter this wonderful city for the first time.