What other places can you visit in Valencia?

As could you having noticed throughout your travel, Valencia City it’s full of incredible places that you can visit to know the amazing architecture, see the surroundings on it squares or know more about origin of this city. In this post, we will indicate which are this places can you frequent before return to origin site.


Valencia Cathedral: also known as Cathedral of Santo Cádiz, it’s a history and art symbol, dedicated to the Assumption of Santa Maria. It’s behind the most important places that you can visit in Valencia, you will surprise with the architecture as well as incredible artworks with different artistic styles; for example: Romanesque, Baroque or Renaissance however, the one that predominates most is Gothic.



The artworks started to build in 13th century being Cruz latina, Cimborrio sobre el crucero, la Puerta de los Apóstoles, Miguelete and the door of irons the most outstanding.


Whenever you want, you can know the place that treasures image of Santo Cadiz too through cultural visits where it’s contemplated routes to different chapels and other important spaces into the edification. If you are interested going to the masses or prayers, make sure to check the schedule. When finish your activity, you can also take a walk around the places that are near the cathedral.


Albufera Natural Park: to 10 kilometers from the city, this park is surrounded for forests and rice paddies, it’s ideal to disconnect while enjoying the nature. It was declared as Parc Natural in 1986, since then it´s also known as Wetland of International Importance.



One of its main attractions is the 40-minute boat trip, where you can enjoy some 2,800 hectares. Around 300 species of birds live in this ecosystem as well as an extensive flora.


Believe it or not, Valencian Paella the that we know today was born in this place. Whenever you know more about this and other typical plates from the gastronomy of the city, this is the ideal place. To taste it you should take a tour of the town of El Palmar.


Virgin Square: Some tourists give themselves the opportunity of walk through this square to have another view of the Palace of the Generalitat, the Cathedral of Santa Maria and the Basilica of the Virgin of the Forsaken. In this historic place it’s possible to disconnect in addition to take fresh air. Before returning to your destination, be sure to approach this square, it is a place conducive to leisure.



City Hall Square: it’s another of the most important squares of Valencia, it’s to 5 minutes of the mentioned Virgin Square. Its attractive is know the outskirts of Valencia City Hall, an emblematic edifice that will surprise you with it architecture.


Each one of this sites are characteristics of Valencia City, for this motive it’s important to know it. Remember that you can to get in any of this places with Taxi2Spain and 7Transfers whenever you want.