The best discotheques and bars of Barcelona

The night life it’s very active in Barcelona, always they are differents pubs, bars and discotheques of first category where you can enjoy with your friends, in addition, to take a good drink after long job. With Taxi2Spain and 7Transfers, you will can always visit the follow places: 


Sutton Barcelona: It’s one of discotheques in fashion at the city, it’s open from 22:30 hours. In this place go youngers from 21 to 40 years respectively. The parties with DJ or some artists are the principal atractives to the site. In this events are importants personalities from shows, sporties, politicians, models, fashion designers, impresarios and anymore that no loss the opportunity to get distracted. Located in Carrer de Tuset, it has with one decade from activity. There are reinvented every year to continue being a benchmark for leisure. 


Gatsby Barcelona: It’s an innovative club in adittion to glamorous inspirated in the movie: “The Great Gatsby”. In the place, it’s makes the most live shows while enjoy to imponent Spanish and contemporanean cuisine. This space in Tuset street can to use to congress, corporative events or product presentations. 

Keep in mind that to can go, it’s essential dress with ellegance and book on time.   


Apollo Room: Other of discotheques more emblematics of the city is Apollo Room, it’s has 25 years from activity. In this place you will find the best shows with different music, here you wil hear pop music, electronic, rock and more. Also there is a theatre on this same site, where it’s possible to apreciate a lot of concerts.   


What’s up if only I want take a drink? 

Conversely, if what you mant is go to quiet place to take a drink, at the city there are pubs and bars where you can clear up and even have a nice time. Some of the most acquaintances are: 

Dry Martini: It’s one of most important shakers of old continent with more of 40 years from activity. It has a lot of coctels with flavors that you can hardly forget, into the letter you will see an important selection for drinks but the most chosen it’s Dry Martini. 




Dr. Stravinsky: To one corner of Born it’s Dr. Stravinsky, a bar that gives some options of drinks prepared with exotic ingredients, some of them are the Camp Nou, prepared with Dill syrup, coriander, thyme, lemon, chamomile house distilled gin, succulent made with coriander-infused tequila or mezcal, as well as lemon pepper syrup.



discotecas y bares Irish Pub: An the heart of Barcelona, you will find a little piece of ireland with new concept “sport bar”. In this site you will drink the best handcrafted beers, coctels or shots while enjoy transmission to your favorite sports. Also you will can taste to typical tapas or hamburgers that it will make you feel at home.

If you have the opportunity, don’t doubt to visit this sites to you can enjoy for one night, but always remember watch over you putting into practice the different biosecurity measures to prevent Covid-19.