The best beaches of Valencia

Valencia has Paradise beaches that worth knowing. Its warm weather in grand part of the year allows enjoy from this landscapes in any occasion. The white arena and    
lack of waves does that stay in this sites will be magic, in addition to; it has with a lot of restaurants where it’s possible taste delicious food based of sea products or the best Valencian Paella.


If you’ve just arrived in Valencia and you would like go to the beach, in this article we present you some of the best beaches that there are in and out of the city.


Pinedo Beach: it’s described as one the best of Valencia, it lack of waves, white arena and clear water makes that the tourists prefer it. Also, it has fascinating vegetation with a space full of dunes; here is possible take a postcard. If you wish go to the beach near of the city with your canine best friend, this is the best option, here you find an exclusive area for pets; also it’s a great alternative to people with disability, exist important benefits for them in this place.


Malvarrosa Beach: At north of City Port it’s one of the most crowded beaches of the city. The beautiful scenery it’s delimited by the white arena and blue sea that has been inspiration to different artists. It’s a mandatory destination where you will can taste excellent food and take important walks around the site.


In this beach, its possible practice different sports as surf, canoeing, windsurfing, paddle surfing, among others. In addition to, there are contemplated diving activities to know Malvarrosa 


Saler Beach: Be part of l’Albufera Natural Park far away from the city for 15 minutes. It distinctions of Blue Flag and Tourist Quality (Q) it position in between the most importants of the city. Who usually frequented this place of more for 2.600 meters of length are tourists that search confort and relax.


 Recatí Beach: it’s a quiet place where you will can enjoy of bath, its full of much restaurants where its possible taste a lot of food at the sea’s shore. In this spaces are usually observed some rice crops. Notably one zone of this beach it’s enabled for nudism.


Terranova beach: It’s ideal to loneliness lovers, but the nature too; it is not usually frequented in the summer. It’s at municipality of Oliva, the furthest of the city. In this ecosystem live different species of birds and fish as well as orange orchards or rice fields.


In its great majority, the beaches of Valencia gives different services to bather as for example,  rental of sun loungers, umbrellas or hammocks, showers, refreshment kiosks, cafeterias, surve illance and much more.


Always that you wish, you can visit any of this proposals with Taxi2Spain and 7Transfers. In all of this you will can relaxing and have a different day.