¿What places to visit in Barcelona?

Barcelona is one of the most important cities in Spain, it is found full of monuments and touristic sites that visiting. Some of them are World Heritage. For this motive, before you arrive this community with 7TRnasfers or Taxi2Spain, there is several places to visit, for example: 

Sagrada Fam%c%adlia Cathedral Barcelona - jeanlouisservais / Pixabay

The Holy Family: Is one of the most representative temples from Barcelona. It was constructed by architect Antoni Gaudi in 1883. It’s one of the taller churches of the world with 172m from height.

The towers, facade, and of course and inside are art symbols. Each of towers have a different meaning. In this sense, twelve of them are dedicated to the 12 apostles, one to Virgin Mary, other to Jesus and four remaining belong the evangelists. If upload to any structures, is possible look all the city.      

In addition, this temple has three facades: the first of them makes reference to the nativity of Jesus, the second refers to passion of Christ while he was crucified and the third, named as “Facade of Glory, try to explain the process after death: from final judgment until the passage through both heaven and hell. Each of them is decorated with a lot of sculptures and any art expressions.  

Interior design of temple is inspired by nature. The columns are similar to logs of the trees, and the finishes of the ceiling are similar to flowers of the countryside. This place is perfectly illuminated; the ornaments of the windows make auspicious the entrance of natural light every moment, what gives a greater vividness to the place.     

This temple is one of the most visited in old continent, It’s a religion, culture and architecture icon. For this reason, The Holy Family should stay in your list of places to visit in Barcelona.   

Guell Park Barcelona Spain - adibalea / Pixabay

Park Güell: It was decreed World Heritage too, it’ve monumental spaces compounds for different sculptures, pictures and mosaics inspirates from nature. It 17 hectares are a symbol from Catalan culture.   

In this place, you can to enjoy again from Gaudi’s architecture, what it is stand out by wonderful geometric figures and the use of colors. From this place, you will can see all the city accompanied by sea.

Whitin this complex, tourists will have opportunity to know the Monument to Calvary and the house of Gaudi’s Museum, where resided the architect. But currently, this space is a big museum where his works are exhibited. Near the principal entry of the park, it also find the house of guarda with important audiovisual material about the history of this park. It’s important to reserve with anteriority because the capacity is reduced.

This place is mainly enjoyed by the children, who will adore see the boats, columns and paths in forms of animals, leaves, snails, flowers, trunks and other living things. 

 Monastery of Montserrat: another religious place that you can visit is the Monastery of Montserrat. It was founded in 1025 with the objective to commemorate appearance from Brunette Virgin, patron saint of the town of Montserrat.  

In this monument, it’s possible find a packed museum with the work of important artist as Pablo Picasso, El Greco, Monet and more. Similarly, you will have the opportunity of visit audiovisual space, named Espai Audiovisual too, where it is projects the live of monks. It’s a great place to know the history from this monastery.

Also it’s possible entry to the Basilica of monastery, inside there are a lot of pictures of Jesus Christ and his 12 apostles. Between the most attractive walks there are the walk to place where appearance for the first time the Brunette Virgin, here is possible to get by funicular or walking. To this site, usually go peregrins from different places of the world to know it.

Viewpoints: In Barcelona exists four viewpoints that are a great option to see all the city. These are: Montjuic mountain, Tibidabo, Bunkers of Carmel and Basilica Santa María del Pi. One postal of this will be worth gold and without doubts will be one of the most important remembers that you have in this city. If you don’t have fear of heights, you will can enter this adventure without problems.

To travel to anything this places, it’s important to reserve with advance, because there are the most visited in Spain and in the world. Don’t lost the opportunity to live one of the best experiences.