Museums that you cannot stop visiting in Valencia

Also the culture is a diversity symbol in Valencia. A sample of this it´s a lot of shocking museums where it’s rescued the history, art and the last advances in science and technology. Whenever you want to learn about Valencia, you can visit any of the follow museums: 



Fine Arts Museum of Valencia: it’s one of the most important museums of the city, where it’s all artworks from 15th until 19th century from authors as El Greco, Velázquez, Sorolla, Goya and many others.


The route starts with presentation of primitives that they came to the city in finals of 14th century and beginning of the 16th. To Reixach, Nicolau or Jacomart atributes the creation of these works in addition to draws and engravings where there are archaeological pieces and architectural that function as representation of mobiliary art.


González Martí National Museum of Ceramics and Sumptuary Arts: Located in El Marqués Palace, it’s a place where keep ceramic samples from different periods from the history, specially from 8th century until contemporary age. Behind the most featured collections it’s Carriage Yard where exposes different parts as Chariot of the Nymphs, a hands chair from rococo style and many more.


Throughout the entire room it is showing evolution of the pictures made in different types of ceramic according to history. Also the museum usually stands out by it baroque design in the facade that it was construed by sculptor Ignacio Vergara. 


History Museum of Valencia: if you want to travel in the time machine to know the history of this city, make sure going to the History Museum of Valencia, it expositions are based of photography, pictures, sculptures, archaeological pieces, scientific instruments, books, clothing, and other elements that makes life at the museum too, these will allow you to walk through the different times of the year.




Natural Sciences Museum: Located at gardens of nursery, this museum save different fossils of all the animals, as it’s the case of mammals that existed during the Pleistocene epoch in Europe, also the visitants can find fossils and insects. And if that was not enough, in this place the existing ecosystems in the city are recreated and the evolution that both the creatures and the landscapes of the place have had is explained.




Museum of Sciences Prince Philip: at the City of Arts and Sciences it works this museum, known for being one of the most important symbols in Valencia. To this site can assist those tourists that want learn or be aware about the last advances of science and technology, to this you will can see important expositions about DNA, earth movements with Foucault pendulum and other interesting themes.  



In your travel for Valencia, cannot lack the visit to one of this museums, all this are important culture icons. Remember use face mask, antibacterial gel and comply all the biosecurity measures when make the visit. Whenever you need, you can arrive with Taxi2Spain and 7Transfers.