Museums from Barcelona that it’s important to know

Museums are spaces dedicates to foment the culture of a city or country with respect to history, art or ever interesting aspects. Some tourists go to this spaces to get distracted but in turn, know a little more of the place they visit. Concretely Barcelona have very important museums that you can visit by Taxi2Spain and 7Transfers. Some of them are the following:

Art Museum of Catalonia: It was funded in 1929, it works within National Palace of Montjuic. It’s one of the more emblematic museums of Barcelona that treasures complete collections from Romanesque art, Gothic, modern, avant-garde, renaissance or baroque from artists as: Fortuny, The Greco, Gaudí, Torres-García, Velázquez, Picasso and more.

Inside, it is decorated with different architect figures, photography, engravings, drawings and pictures, in addition it has an important library with all archives of Catalan art history. Also it’s make expositions with different themes from those of the venue itself.

History Museum of Catalonia: Is one of the most visited of the city, through it, is possible to know politic, economic and sociocultural evolution from this Autonomous Community from prehistory until the last 20th Century. In this way, it’s an important referent to diffusion of historic or cultural heritage. It has guided tours programs, educational activities, temporal expositions, workshops, conservation plans, and anymore.  


Picasso Museum: For lovers from this Spanish artist, Picasso Museum has its doors open in the Catalan historic center. This space has five palaces decorated to gothic style that they house more from 3.000 plays in chronologic order, in this form is possible to know all his trajectory. Among the paintings that you can be seen in the enclosure are: “The hug”, “The Woman with the caps”, “Science and charity”, “Las Meninas” and more. It is one of busiest and important museums of Barcelona, for this motive is important to make a visit.


Blau Museum: It is the most moderm headquaters from Natural Science of Barcelona, an edifice with 9.000 square meters it has a great amount of images, scultures, plants and dissected animals with objective to foment learning about nature.

The tour starts with photography of big bang to teach the people how the creation of the universe took place. After, you will can introduced in the tunnel of the time to know the firsts animals to habit the world. In the lasts stations can be seen the current reality through different piece of rocks, minerals, plants, fossils and the mentioned dissected animals.

Blau Museum is a space completely dedicated to children, so that if they have to come to spend a few days in the city, you can give this amazing experience.

FC Barcelona Museum: It’s other of the most visited in the region, every year expected a media from 1.200.000 persons. Once inside the managers of the place makes guided tours where it’s shown to the public different trophies that win this Spanish club has won in its career, dressing rooms, press rooms and one copy of Camp Nou Stadium for one complete experience.

In any from this spaces you can have a pleasant time, but remember to reserve with anticipation when you make the visit, because in many of them people form long lines before entering.