The best restaurants of Barcelona

 In addition to dazzling beaches, museums and monuments, Barcelona has a lot of restaurants where is possible to taste different delicacies ranging from typical the city to international gastronomy. When you feel hungry, you can visit it with Taxi2Spain and 7Transfers.

Bardot Restaurant: It is specialized in different delicacies as ribeye, sea urchins with truffle potato foam, ossobuco, potato omelet and more. Upon entering, diners will be able to enjoy the bar, tables or terrace to eat their food. In the city center, Bardot Restaurant open its doors from 8:00am to 2:00am. For this reason, it’s a great alternative to breakfast, lunch, dinner or go for some savories. But, if you want have a drink, Bardot is the ideal place too, it has with different champagne classes and gintonito. Also, in this space makes tastings from cheeses or cocktails.

Montiel Restaurant: Another important proposal to enjoy Spanish gastronomy is Montiel Restaurant. It’s at Carrer dels Flassaders. It specialty is health food, reason for which it’s a good option to vegan persons, some of the delicacies served here are rice from the sea, an assortment of seasonal vegetables, Suckling pig from Segovia, among others. Also it has with a lot of natural wines that it is accompanies for ham or different cheeses.


Accés Restaurant:  It’s another important restaurant from the city, to enter you will surprise with the minimalistic esthetic for the place, it has large lamps, chairs with rococo style, leather in some parts of the walls, even lighting in lilac tones lighting. Menu is varied, it’s formed to black rice, ceviche, onion soup, tiramisu and many more.


Enjoy: This restaurant it was inaugurated in 2014, the decoration it’s inspired in Mediterranean beauty. It stands out by creativity of its delicacies, being the transparent pesto ravioli, Red mullet with dewlap and eggplant gnocchi, Marinated mackerel with vinegar cauliflower, smoked Idiazábal biscuit with apple and chocolate peppers, oil and salt, some of most significant creations. In 2021 this restaurant this restaurant is the fifth best in the world, so it is worth visiting if you have the opportunity.

AbaC Barcelona: On Tibidabo avenue, is ABac, a restaurant with three Michelin stars for excellence in delicacies. The concept of realization is derived between tradition and modernity from Catalan cuisine. The latter is widely varied walking around delicacies hot as Roman-style squid, roasted scallop, Galician clams, onion juice, even pumpkin-based desserts. Also, commensals will have the option to tasting menus, in addition to it has an important wine cellar. Under the schedule from 13:30 to 16:00 hours of the afternoon and second turn from 20:30 to 23:00 hours, this space results ideal to celebrations or business meeting.

If you wish, you can reserve at websites of each restaurant. Don’t hesitate to come either to anything of this proposals for you can enjoy amazing culinary experiences.